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Exploring future possibilities


Being involved in many innovation projects means running into many opportunities. A number of these innovation prototypes have the potential to spinoff into market ready products.

ES_Mobility ventures help our clients compete smarter and help businesses explore, imagine and invent future-forward products and services.

Do you have a venture concept which needs to be validated, prototyped, and developed? Are you looking for a world-leading innovation partner? Feel free to reach out.


Innovating a privacy
first business

Treating people as valued customers, rather than an aggregate of data to be exploited, will rebalance a business's future.

With ever tighter regulation on privacy, we worked closely with the World Economic Forum, Accenture, KLM, and the Netherlands Government to create a solution that puts the passenger in control. By allowing them to decide what data they share and who with, we designed a more secure and seamless identification and authentication process.


Imagine what imagination would look like

Radical innovation demands a high level of imagination from all stakeholders involved. It is hard to visualize something which looks pretty on paper and whether it works in real life. While people move from stage-gate to stage gate, it's essential to take all stakeholders through models, ideas, and concepts.

To make the consequences of concepts, solutions, and models easier to understand, we've developed a VR solution that drives the right discussion and creates the proper engagement and buy-in.

EV Motorcycle Accoustics

Breaking the silence
of EVs

New regulations for EVs will soon come into action to force EV motorbikes to warn pedestrians and other road users acoustically.

The EV team prototyped a solution to make driving safer for other road users and add a new driver experience to EV motors.

With this new solution, a new world of Motor acoustic experience opened up, triggering a whole new digital business model for motorcycles.

Check out the full story here.


Innovation in XXL

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